Egretia – The World’s First HTML 5 Blockchain Engine and Platform

Egretia scheme

I, as a developer of games with many years of experience, want to share one interesting project Egretia, the first engine on HTML5 technology, which will be integrated with Blockchain. A big upheaval in the web game development industry is coming. I will try to explain the current situation.
For a long time, our main engine was Flash, but it’s no secret that Adobe officially announced its death until 2020. And this means one thing – by that time the entire gaming industry will have to switch to a newer, safer technology. And the current situation is such that there are not so many alternatives. The first thing that comes to mind gaming companies is HTML5. But at the moment it does not have enough convenient tools, if Egrita has time to realize its project this will be a big plus. Continue reading “Egretia – The World’s First HTML 5 Blockchain Engine and Platform”

Merculet – chief growth officer of global entrepreneur


Today, blockchain is still an incomprehensible technology for many, and this makes it more difficult to evolve. 99% of the population do not understand, nor what is blockchain, neither bitcoin, nor crypto-currencies. Scholars, technical visionaries and experts try to explain in different ways, but often only make the subject of discussion even more incomprehensible, more raising new questions than clarifying.

Many of the debates about blockchain are of a purely technical nature, and therefore are useless for understanding by the general public. As a result, most discussions create the impression that the blockchain is a solution that is still waiting for the appearance of its problem. And this gives food to numerous skeptics. Continue reading “Merculet – chief growth officer of global entrepreneur”