Omnitude as a solution to problems with eCommerce

Omnitude is a pioneering project to revolutionise connectivity between blockchain technologies & enterprise systems

In today’s world, in conditions of globalization, the economy has gained new opportunities on the Internet. The implementation of economic activity, thanks to the latest information technology, make it more efficient and profitable. The relevance of this topic is due to the fact that a new sector has emerged in the world economy – e-commerce, which is one of the components of the “new economy”, gaining more and more practical significance.

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FreelanceHouse – platform for Freelancers using Blockchain


Lately, more and more people want to live free and do not depend on constant work. Under freedom is understood, first of all, life on its own convenient schedule, and not according to the fulfilled scheme “work-home-work”. It should be noted right away that not many people decide to leave their work in the office and go for free bread, but those who still take this serious step have only one option – freelancing! So who is a freelancer and what does he do? On what he lives, where he works, we’ll talk about all this in this article!

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