Wemark – The work of a photographer must be paid for

Wemark is a project of a decentralized platform that allows photographers to sell their work directly to the buyer and get profit for it. Using blockchain and smart contracts, Wemark ensures fair and transparent interaction between the parties.

People like to see happy people in the photo, beautiful landscapes or still lifes, which are deprived of their daily life. All these colors are given to them by photographers – people capable of stopping the moment. If you could, you certainly expressed to them your gratitude for it. But, unfortunately, even those who use their work to promote their products and design advertising, do not have this opportunity.

The project team provides us with a completely new vision of the situation. It is a decentralized ecosystem in which you can put your photo on a general marketplace, but on your own behalf and profit directly, without any intermediaries.

Why Wemark?

  • The author retains identity by controlling the cost of work;
  • In a smart contract, the conditions for posting pictures are stated (by agreement of both parties);
  • The transaction is carried out when the author arranges the price and the conditions of the buyer’s work with the pictures.

On the platform, you can attract new participants through the referral program. Transparency of the Wemark system ensures that the author can track the work after the sale.

How it works?

Authors, upload their pictures to the stock on their page. At best, they are offered to set a price for their work, limiting it not to a very wide scope. As a rule, the site provides a small reward, and then, based on the popularity of the picture, sets its price. As a result, a photographer who has spent his time and money to create an image sells the photo for the minimum price, and the stock bank does the same, only for the maximum price, without investing in this process even a third of the work that the photographer.

After the sale of rights to picture, the author completely loses control over it. That is, it can be sold, bought, used in advertising, and it’s not that he will not know about it, but even knowing he can not do anything – he partly sold some of his copyright, formally, to the bank. This order of things can not leave anyone indifferent, but Wemark proved capable of making a revolution.

Wemark marketplace

Also, he can not worry about making it easy for people from different countries to cooperate with him. The calculation of crypto currency solves this problem, established by fiat and payment systems

More info

Website: wemark.com
Telegram: t.me/wemark
ANN: bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3347524
Bounty: bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3293253


Bitcointalk user: showmedaway

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