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As a result of the trades, growth on world markets showed the courses of cryptocurrencies: TRON, Bitcoin Gold and Bytom. Over the day TRON grew 24.1%, Bitcoin Gold showed growth of 16.4% and Bytom rate increased by 11.7%.

Experts note that the growth of the rate of alternative crypto-currencies and tokens is associated with a decrease in the cost of the core assets of bitcoin and etherium. According to Konstantin Ryabov-Cojushny, the General Director and managing partner of the investment company Digital Coins, the emerging tendency to reduce the cost of bitcoin and etherium encourages investors to reinvest into alternative coins and tokens with high growth potential.

“TRON, Bitcoin Gold and Bytom are promising companies that are in the top 30 of the world’s crypto-exchange platforms. Professional traders always see the volume of daily trading in assets and enter the segment at the time when it is most active. At the same time, with an increase in the rate of fixed assets, the investment portfolio of the investor will be capitalized more quickly, “the expert explains.

TRON is a decentralized platform based on the blockchain, the purpose of which is to create a global entertainment system with free content. In early 2018, the rate of the Crypto currency grew rapidly, which markedly increased its level of capitalization and the popularity of the tool for crypto traders.

Bitcoin Gold is considered the most decentralized crypto currency among bitcoins. Hardfork bitcoin, separated from the original in October 2017, duplicates his blockchain until this point. The similarity of the two Crypto-currencies is based on the same limit of 21 million coins, and also on the time needed to form the block – 10 minutes.

The Bytom platform from Chinese developers was launched in 2017. The purpose of the Bytom project is to digitize the external world and tokenize all assets of the real sector. The basis of the platform is byte assets. Within the project, there are two types of byte assets: elementary byte assets and external byte assets.

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