Now you can change 100 Crypto-currency in one Bancor wallet

Decentralized crypto exchange Bancor Network launches its own wallet with the function of automatic conversion of tokens, representatives of the company told journalists on Tuesday, April 3.

Users of the wallet will be able to convert currencies without using exchange points. According to the developers, the new product should be the next step of the company in the development of the availability of digital currencies for ordinary users, including amateurs. Now, according to Bancor Network, users will be able to convert their crypto-currencies directly in their wallets without intermediaries.

To date, more than 100 applications working with digital assets have confirmed their desire to join the Bancor Network. In the project, for example, such crypto-currencies as ETH, EOS and DAI will participate.

Bancor has been working since June 2017. Today, it managed to overtake the performance of such well-known decentralized exchanges as IDEX, Waves Dex and Openledger Dex.

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