David Drake: bitcoin will grow after the “cold winter”

David Drake

David Drake, the founder of LDJ Capital and a blockchain expert in a recent interview, said that by the end of the year the cost of bitcoins would reach $ 30,000.

Drake noted that crypto currency is in great demand all over the world. Countries such as Japan, South Korea and the United States at the moment are the largest crypto-currency markets.

Unlike the CEO of Twitter, Drake does not believe that bitcoin will dominate the currencies. In his opinion, there will be a huge amount of crypto currency in addition to bitcoin in the world .

Also, Drake advised to reduce tensions over the ICO. He acknowledges that some of the primary placements of tokens are fraud, but after the intervention of the Securities and Exchange Commission, this problem will disappear.

Earlier, we wrote that Tom Lee predicts the growth of bitcoin prices by 2020 to $ 91 thousand.

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