Blokchain will help control your content on Facebook

Blockchain can be a convenient solution for Facebook users who are victims of social network abuse with personal data and personal content, believe in RBC Capital Markets.

Talking to reporters, Mitch Steves, an analyst at the company, said that the blockchain remains the only long-term technology with which to ensure the safety of online data.

“In the future, no one else will have to share their photos with Facebook. Users will be able to choose the recipients to whom their personal information will be targeted, “the expert believes.

While blockchain technologies have not become the property of the largest social networks, they continue to develop in alternative services, from data management systems to online communities, for example, such as Steemit.

According to Steve, as long as the blockchain company maintains the principle of transparency, Facebook users will remain hostage to a social network that operates according to different rules.

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