Bond is a new Economic Model for the Film and Video Industry

Bond platform

The Bond Film Platform (BFP) is a decentralized distribution and content distribution system, which, judging by the algorithms put into it, should become the killer of Netflix, the largest provider of streaming media.

The current economic model of the film and video industry is outdated. Large video platforms and corporations slow down the growth of the industry. They take all the revenues from video distribution and give only a small share to creators. They control the funding of new projects. They make the choices for the audience.

We must give them this opportunity. Give them the incentive to create good quality content. Without support, there will be no return.

About Bond

Bond is two services in one: a subscription-based video streaming service featuring content from independent creators; and a crowdinvesting platform, which allows anyone to invest in and profit from new film and video projects. When users watch and/or like some content, its Author receives a share of the revenue gained by the Bond Platform from user subscription fees. 

Authors can also publish Content Proposals to gain funding from the Crowdinvestors. The proposals can be devoted to new projects like sci-fi pilots or some doc series or new episodes of some existing content or any other type and form of content the authors want to produce.

Users who like the proposal and want to support the Authors in making of the new content can invest any amount into any project they wish. When Authors produce new content and publish it on the platform, they and those Crowd Investors who invested in their Content Proposal will receive the corresponding percentage of the revenues collected from user subscriptions.

It’s coming

For the coming year, the industry is in for serious turmoil. You can talk about a niche coup. And it’s about Bond Film.

Speaking about the coup, most of all we do not want to fall into pathos and manilovism. But, it seems, decentralization, however, is already breathing into the back of the analogue industry of film and television production.

ICO Details

Bond Film launching an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in April 2018. They will issue their BFP tokens which are based on the ER20 blockchain. You can invest in this crypto coin with Ethereum.

Token price during pre-sale:

  • Investors in the first $1 mln will pay $0.07 per BFP Token
  • All remaining pre-sale tokens will be sold at $0.075 per BFP Token


A streaming platform

  • Subscription and pay-per-view
  • Exclusive, premium content
  • Includes user-funded content


  • Each new project generates Content Ownership Tokens
  • Each new investment is written in Blockchain
  • You can now trade content ownership on the open market

Smart content ownership

  • New episodes, pilots, projects
  • Professional and amateur investments in content
  • Multi-step quaility control

Automated revenue distribution

  • Revenues are distributed automatically
  • Each video’s share is calculated by a transparent formula
  • Each investor gets a share based on his stake

I want to make our film industry better. If you share my opinion, you should learn more about the project in person on the site. I’m sure you care about the future of the film industry.

Official Website:

Author Bitcointalk: showmedaway

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