Meeting G20 determined the destiny of the cryptocurrency

Finance ministers and heads of central banks of the world’s 20 largest economies at a meeting in Buenos Aires decided to return to the problem of regulating the market of the Cryptocurrency later, and in the meantime, to continue monitoring of digital assets and related risks, the online edition of writes. At the summit, proposals were made to develop specific recommendations for the next meeting of the G20, which will be held in July.

The analyst is considered one of the reasons for such slowness of G20 financial leaders in regulating crypto currency that the digital assets are not dangerous for financial markets due to insignificant volumes of transactions with them. The second reason was the disagreement between the countries on the degree of regulation. For example, France proposed to prohibit for the general public crypto-currency deposits and loans, as well as promotion of investments based on them. Other countries fear that any regulation of the Crypto-currency will mean at least a partial recognition of them.

Some participants in the meeting expressed confidence that in the end the G20 financial leaders will instruct the International Organization of Securities Commissions to develop standards for digital assets.

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