G-Global Digital Consulting Platform

What if you need specific personnel for specialized work, but is it difficult to find them? With the help of G-Global members from around the world, you can access the knowledge and expertise of an expert community that solves your problems.

What is G-Global?

G-Global is trying to create a large network that can connect business and business with consultants located around the world. Transactions will be made in the crypto currency, and enterprises can effectively cut off intermediaries.

Enterprises will also have access to consultants around the world. G-Global will have translation services that can broadcast voice and text, eliminating common language barriers. This will revolutionize global companies, as this will help them better understand other countries.

Why G-Global?

  • Problems of the language barrier: G-Global translation services overcome the language barrier and allow consultants and enterprises connect around the world.
  • There are no intermediaries. Since G-Global operates in a decentralized network, there are no regular prices that are paid to large consulting organizations.
  • Public accountability: both sides will be responsible for public assessments, reducing the likelihood of fraud.

What problems are being solved?

If a business wants to be able to really scale itself, then they need help from the outside. This external assistance is usually provided to professional consultants who can provide personal experience, consultations and market research necessary for growth.

Traditionally, businesses have to hire help from external consulting organizations, which can be quite expensive. In G-Global, businesses can turn to consultants from around the world. They can hire them on pre-determined conditions or simply perform simple tasks.

Both sides will remain confidential and will be responsible for their comments. This almost completely eliminates the possibility of fraud. All transactions will be made via the Ethereum ERC-20 protocol, quickly, safely and anonymously. Enterprises do not have to make foreign currency and pay high fees for international bank transfers.

Detailed links

Websites: gglobal.io

Whitepaper: gglobal.io/pdf/G-GlobalWPEng.pdf

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