Tom Lee predicts the growth of bitcoin prices by 2020 to $ 91 thousand

The head of the US research agency Fundstrat, Tom Lee, made optimistic forecasts for bitcoin for the next two years, suggesting that the recent 70 percent drop in the currency will play into its favor in the future.

According to analyst estimates, by March 2020, bitcoin can reach the price of $ 91 thousand. To prove this, Mr. Lee and his team presented a database in the form of tables and graphs that assess changes in the rate of the world’s major digital currency in the short and long term.

For example, the bitcoin’s index of torment developed by the company is now at the level of 18. This is the lowest level of the crypto currency since 2011, however it will allow it to show significant growth in the future.

The analyst claims that, despite the recent drop in the bitcoin rate, he is now in the growth stage. This payment instrument, according to Tom Lee, has already shown its decline in 2011 and 2013, but each time after that there was a jump in its price.

The strategist Charles Schwab considers bitcoin a unique phenomenon for the world economy .

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