Omnitude as a solution to problems with eCommerce

In today’s world, in conditions of globalization, the economy has gained new opportunities on the Internet. The implementation of economic activity, thanks to the latest information technology, make it more efficient and profitable. The relevance of this topic is due to the fact that a new sector has emerged in the world economy – e-commerce, which is one of the components of the “new economy”, gaining more and more practical significance.

The electronic market is not strong enough in comparison with the traditional market, its potential is realized not for the end for several reasons:

  1. There is no development of the regulatory and legislative framework, which leads to the problem of protection of intellectual property rights for goods or services that are realized in the framework of electronic commerce, as well as financial and contractual problems. As a result, there is a lack of confidence on the part of investors, potential buyers, and the pace of development is declining;
  2. There are problems that are associated with the global concept of e-commerce. These include: the lack of confidence that in other parts of the world the partner company and the product or service that it offers are actually existing; differences in traditions and rules for doing business in these companies;
  3. There are threats in the field of eCommerce security. In order to minimize them, reliable and effective mechanisms should be used that guarantee confidentiality, identification and authorization;
  4. The need for universal standardization of interoperability and interoperability of networks, so that all participants in electronic commerce can have access to the sites of organizations, and no matter what geographical location, the peculiarity of the network;

The Omnitude framework comes to the rescue. Let’s try to figure out how Omnitude is going to solve this problem. Online fraud is usually due to identity theft. The Omnitude team will address this issue with blockchain technology. The block chain can create unchanged entries, which means that scammers can not easily bypass security.

In addition, because this platform will reduce the use of credit cards, this will reduce the likelihood of fraud with the return of payments. This will be possible due to the release of the marker along with the launch of the platform.

The Omnitude platform aims to remain transparent and open to the community. This will allow everyone to create Omnitude applications that can be integrated with an existing application in the supply chain, e-commerce and enterprise systems.

To sum it up, Omnitude offers us not only a more transparent, but also a more profitable and more secure platform for working with eCommerce.

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