In the USA Congress praised bitcoin and blockchain technology

In the USA Congress praised bitcoin and blockchain technology

The American Congress for the first time issued another report on the current state of the economy. The topic of cryptocurrency and blocking was included in the document for the first time.

In the ninth chapter of the document it was noted that the technology of blockchain is perceived by many as the Internet in the 1990s. People who started working on the Internet changed the real world and created a new model of doing business. Therefore, it is to be expected that the blockchain will also affect the world as much as the Internet.

Most economic experts believe that blockchain is an effective development that allows you to use finance on any platforms and keep them in complete safety.

Authors of the report called on lawmakers to study in more detail all the possibilities of cryptocurrency and lock-up, because they have great potential hidden in them. The digital industry will be able to strengthen the national currency and infrastructure.

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