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We all want to create our new world, a new virtual world (VR – Virtual Reality), or augmented the existing (AR – Augmented Reality), in which you can briefly immerse yourself, get away from real events.

It’s no secret that the further development of technology will be directed to the VR industry. This industry, which has great prospects for its further development, and a huge space for ideas. Nowadays, this industry, for the most part, is trying to move through the game direction. At the same time, these platforms can be said to be agitated by developers, they are forced to produce products with support for VR.

But no one has yet suggested another direction for that industry. Today, I would like to talk, in my opinion, about a very interesting and promising block-project in the field of Virtual Reality with an excellent idea. It’s about ImmVRse.

This platform will use its unique digital currency, known exactly as the ImmVRse ™ token, which will become the form of payment between all parties within the ecosystem. Using cryptographic signatures, the application will be able to mirror the location of files and record transactions on multiple sites to ensure that data and transaction records in the blockchain can not be changed retroactively.

What is ImmVRse?

It is a decentralized digital platform that allows content creators, brands and advertisers to create, produce, collect, search, share, sell, share and collaborate with each other on a single platform of affordable VR content!

How it works?

  • Advertisers will buy IMV tokens to pay for advertising. By parts (shares), the profit will be distributed among the producers of VR-content and “spectators”.
  • Users will use IMV-tokens to pay for viewing video content.
  • Viewers (users) will be able to store their IMV-tokens on a unique ImmVRse ™ wallet or to trade them on crypto-Brands. Companies and brands will be able to hire the producers of VR content via a decentralized platform.
  • Companies will be able to pay for work using IMV-tokens and Ethereum.
  • Cryptocurrency traders and hedge funds will be able to trade IMV tokens on various exchanges and exchangers.

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If we talk about forecasts, Goldman Sachs predicts 110 billion dollars of VR industry by 2025. But I believe that these forecasts are rather modest, considering what steps VR and AR are developing side by side (augmented reality).

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