Miners will turn off their farms in support of Earth Hour

Earth hour

This year, the miners will participate in the international action “Earth Hour”. Cryptocurrency exporters from around the world will turn off equipment as a sign of indifference to the future of our planet.

“Earth Hour” is an international action, during which residents of megacities and cities turn off electricity in their house for one hour. As a rule, this action takes place in the last days of March.

On March 24, the miners will also take part in the flash mob. By joining the initiative, the miners will demonstrate their social responsibility and the desire to take care of the planet. According to analysts, the Bitcoin network consumes 50 terawatts per hour, and cooling equipment requires even more electricity. In just one hour, miners can save an impressive amount of electricity.

Also, most crypto communities are planning to set up mining centers around renewable natural resources. This will help reduce energy costs and protect nature from tragic consequences.

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