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Lately, more and more people want to live free and do not depend on constant work. Under freedom is understood, first of all, life on its own convenient schedule, and not according to the fulfilled scheme “work-home-work”. It should be noted right away that not many people decide to leave their work in the office and go for free bread, but those who still take this serious step have only one option – freelancing! So who is a freelancer and what does he do? On what he lives, where he works, we’ll talk about all this in this article!

Nowadays, Freelance is an integral part in the career growth of many beginners in their field, as well as a permanent habitat for lovers to work in a home cozy environment.

To date, all existing freelance sites have many serious flaws that users do not like.

The main problem that confronts every freelancer in our time is the lack of transparency in the system. Each such site dictates its working conditions. Therefore, it is impossible to find the ideal option, which you will like by all its criteria. I’ll have to sacrifice something. This is either the lack of reputation for such a service, where the risks are to be deceived, or the high costs of subscribing.

If we talk about a novice who has just come into such a service, what are his chances of remaining? This chance is close to 0. Most of the flow of novices to freelancing leave in the first month. But the life of an experienced freelancer is not any better. Who wants to be deceived?

But, what if we can achieve honesty and a mutual compromise between the client and the customer?

Just this goal is pursued by the decentralized platform FreelanceHouse, the functioning of which is provided by the interaction of smart contracts in the network of blockade Ethereum.

Ethereum technology allows you to create this wonderful application, eliminating the need to blindly trust the administrator of the resource being used.

I believe we have all the conditions to achieve this, using existing technologies Ethereum and IPFS.

What does this FrelanceHouse online platform offer? It offers us a platform for freelancers that uses Blockchain technology to provide customers and freelancers with the freedom and flexibility they need to work effectively.

Solving the real problems that freelancers and clients usually face, they will give us the opportunity to work fully, without any restrictions.

As FrelanceHouse says: friendly design is a priority in and their ideology. As a result, users can find tasks without even realizing the existence of a chain of blocks. You can look for work on our platform and create your reputation as a freelancer to attract the attention of customers who need to hire someone with your skill set. Simplicity is the main feature of the FrelanceHouse platform.

At the same time there is no need to get from home to work and back. In large cities, this takes more than one hour. Also, there is no need to get up early, you form your own schedule: you want to – work at night, you want early in the morning or late at night. You can work in the morning and in the evening, and spend the whole day with your family, it’s up to you. You can arrange your workplace yourself as you like. You can work at home, you can rent an office. Freelance remotely from some warm country. You can not be dismissed, you can only do what you like and what you can do best.

I wish team good luck, and want to see that product in near future. I’m sure, I’m going to use it myself.



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