Vote or lose: how the blockchain can change the course of elections

Vote or lose: how the blockchain can change the course of elections

Everyone has long known the “old Russian custom”: declare the election, get the result and not believe in its truth. The modern system of expression of will is based solely on the factor of confidence in the auditor, but with the advent of the Internet, the opportunities for darknet and the growing opposition, such methods can no longer maintain their positions. (It’s enough to remember the video about the ballot stuffing that Youtube was mercilessly trying to erase from the open spaces).

In 2018, humanity already has a decision to create completely legitimate elections, and the name is a blockchain. About the fight against corruption, methods of fake voices and the possibilities of new technologies that can make the expression of will as transparent as possible, find out in our material.

The problems of modern elections

Before we start the struggle itself and search for solutions to the problems of modern elections, it is necessary to identify problems and ways to solve them. Here are a few basic problems:

  • lack of confidence in the electorate’s legitimacy of elections;
  • lack of proper control of the verification parties that could act as a guarantor of legitimacy;
  • archaic methods of collecting votes, processing and storing them;
  • the lack of an active civic position among the majority of citizens who have reached the age that allows them to vote for the elections;
  • violation of democratic principles (non-admission of candidates before the elections).

Next, each item should be considered in more detail.

1. Doubts about the legitimacy of elections – a gross violation of the contract between the government and society. In addition to countless videos about ballot stuffing, the Internet is full of information on the impact of the management bodies on the organization of the process itself. A simple opinion from the practice of voters from the Internet: when the voxes of votes become not just urban bikes, but a reality in which people around are involved, the problem takes on a different scale. The lack of full turnout provides such power minions with the opportunity to create new voices with impunity with unpunished ballots.This is how “dead souls” are born, which can outweigh the whole course of voting. And even if empty ballots are not enough, how is the quote from the Soviet film “Office Romance” relevant: “Our paper industry is working perfectly.”

The main link of the scheme are state employees. Low salaries, Mr. Medvedev’s recommendations: “If you do not have enough money, go to business”, as well as actual confidence in the absence of punishment for choosing an anti-citizens position give this elective machine new forces.

2. The main problem of control is the human factor. If it is impossible to counterfeit the votes under the watchful eye of the observers, this operation may well be transferred (as it becomes clear from the previous paragraph) to another room where no one can prevent budget workers from working out the money offered.

3. In the century when the Higgs boson was discovered, Ilon Mask planted SpaceX, and scientists predict the creation of an artificial intelligence equivalent to the human, by 2020, the collection of votes on paper carriers looks like a mockery.
Absence of the possibility of complete control erases the line of trust between voters and the organizer of elections.

4. The passivity of citizens is largely a consequence of the utter disappointment in the current system of elections. It is widely believed that the campaign for elections will not change anything – after all, “from above” all have already decided. And, probably, while point # 3 will not be changed, it will be so.

5. Speaking of elections in a democratic country, it is impossible to miss the situation with presidential candidate Alexei Navalny. Possessing an active civil position, conducting investigations, exposing corruption schemes, he was able to attract attention. Since the power of the Internet is the engine of the public mood, his candidacy has become a real threat to the current government. As a lever of pressure, an announcement was made in fraud, which was later withdrawn by the European Court. However, even after the evidence that the charge was politically motivated, Navalny remained outside the electoral race.

Despite the magnitude of the problems, each of them has already received a response in the form of blockchain technology.

How the blockchain will make the elections legitimate

How the blockchain will make the elections legitimate

In this matter, the blockchain is not just a popular word intended to add acuteness to the news background, but a real solution, thanks to which all the current problems can be eliminated. The main advantage of using the technology is in the possibility of creating maximum transparency of elections. It will be implemented as follows:

  • the openness of the data will make it possible to verify the veracity of each participant’s vote at any time;
  • information will be completely protected from burglary and falsification;
  • voters will have the opportunity to follow the election in real time;
  • The counting of votes will occur as voting is conducted.

However, how to ensure the use of detachment in practice? The answer may well be tokenization.

Let’s consider an example:
“The counting of votes will be based on the collection of tokens. Each coin will be assigned to the citizen and be a display of his voice. In the process of voting, each voter has the right to give his token for one candidate. The protection of information can be carried out through clever contracts, which will later make sure of the truth of the voice. Immediately after the return of the voice, the information in real time is entered on the blockchain, thereby ensuring that there is no possibility of transferring the expression of will on behalf of this person to another. “

Such an example is not unique. On the basis of the blockchain system, thousands of systems can be built. They can make elections transparent. If you have any thoughts about this, share them in the comments.

Attempts to include a detachment in the Russian elections

Attempts to include a detachment in the Russian elections

The Association of Observers “National Public Monitoring” (NOM) became an inspiration for the introduction of blockchain into the election process. In order to conduct the audit, a mobile application was developed that will allow more than 100,000 observers throughout Russia to send their notes, comments, as well as information on recorded cases of offenses to a common center. Since the data will be recorded on the server, the system will ensure that they remain unchanged.

Of course, such work is an extremely important step, which will at least become an incentive for falsifiers to be much more cautious. However, it is unlikely that such observers will be able to obtain direct admission to the same “sports hall”, where state employees get the opportunity to earn money in exchange for the purity of their civic position.

A small lever of impact, in the case of the organization of NOM, may be announced launch of bots in social networks. The collection of data on the will of the people would allow us to see the real picture, if not for one fat “but.” We are talking about organizations like “Savushkin 55”. This famous “lair of Internet trolls” stands at the helm of domestic propaganda movements (which, of course, are under the control of the authorities). Accordingly, the scheme may well look like this:

  • NOM actually launches bots and voting, which, as promised, will record all the information on the unit;
  • scoring votes creates the necessary results, corresponding to the possibilities of falsification of votes on paper.

The result is that the government braves the data of block-polls that are not subject to doubt, as well as an innovative approach with the inclusion of new technologies.
As it will be in reality: the extracted data obviously can not be considered as a true position of the electorate, because there are ways to falsify them. Accordingly, their introduction on the blockchain can not be a guarantor of reliability.

“If you consider the election only as a vote count, then, of course, the blockchain will be able to make the elections in Russia truly legitimate. All candidates will be able to receive the number of votes that they actually gave. However, the calculation itself is just one, the final, element of the entire electoral system.And just here some fantastic problems are not observed. Citizens plentifully hoard propaganda through central channels, do not allow certain candidates before the elections, even there are elements of bribery (today literally read about the fair of low prices near the polling stations). All this leads to the fact that at the exit our central candidate or party gets an absolutely sincere majority. How can this affect the blockchain business, the issue is open.

The first election on the detachment

The first election on the detachment

The first elections in the world, which allowed to withdraw from a part of the archaic systems and entrust the voting process to the blockchain, were held in Sierra Leone. The assertion that the elections were completely deprived of the possibility of falsification will be premature. The reason is that the collection of votes also took place on paper carriers, the data of which was only later added to the detachment.

In any case, this phenomenon has become the first step to the possibility of admitting blockchain into the world practice of voting. This experience demonstrates the effectiveness of the system and its real capabilities.

Thus, the very format of the collection of votes on paper, as well as imperfect control – the problems of modern elections. Working on a detachment opens up opportunities for improving elections. It is possible that this technology will become the guarantor of transparency of holding elections around the world.

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